Bryozoan – Parvohallopora subnodosa – SOLD -Ordovician Fossil – Cincinnati O


Bryozoan – Parvohallopora subnodosa

Ordovician – . 450 Million Years Old

Cincinnati Ohio

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Bryozoan – Parvohallopora subnodosa – Ordovician Fossil – Cincinnati Ohio. 450 Million Years Old Fossils. 3.5 cms.or 1.5 inches long. SOLD

Individuals in bryozoan (ectoproct) colonies are called¬†zooids, since they are not fully independent animals. All colonies contain autozooids, which are responsible for feeding and excretion. Don’t you love these names–Zooids!!¬† Maybe AutoZone got their name from Autozooids!

Bryozoan fossils occur in many forms, including finger-shaped, fan-shaped, mats, spiralling fans, and massive irregular mounds. Many of the fossils, if examined closely with a magnifying glass, will show the individual pits where the individual bryozoans lived. Each animal was attached to the inside of its pit and could not leave the pit.

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