Moldavite from Czechoslovakia


Moldavite from Czechoslovakia

4.315 carats

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Moldavite from Czechoslovakia. 4.315 carats. This moldavite is from a meteor shower 15 million years ago in the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. This rare green crystal is believed to originate from rock which was struck by a meteorite, melted and combined extraterrestrial and terrestrial properties.  It is one kind of tektite but with different, rarer properties.

From a metaphysical perspective, it is believed to be a catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good and making changes in personal relationships. It is thought to be the stone known as the “Holy Grail Stone” – the stone the Grail was carved from — the emerald that fell from the sky.  It enhances the spiritual chakras – Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The Moldavite flush is the most common feeling that people get with a warm sensation that flows through the body when touching the stone.