Iridescent Ammonite Fossil – Madagascar SOLD


Iridescent Ammonite

110 Million Years Old


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SOLD. Iridescent Ammonite Fossil. 110 Million Years Old. Madagascar. This particular ammonite has a beautiful red iridescence and part of it shows the structure. Very nice specimen. 4.5 cms by 4 cms or 1.75 inches by 1.25 inches. It is very smooth and has a wonderful feel to it.

Ammonites got their name from the Egyptian God Ammon. Ammon’s sacred animal was a ram and an ammonite looks like a ram’s horn. Ammonites are cephalopods. The Blackfoot called ammonites insikim or buffalo stones because they looked like sleeping bison. They were used in spiritual ceremonies.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 4 in